Monday, May 18, 2020

PET Scan

A PET scan is a positron emission tomography that allows my oncologist to check on updates in the growth or disappearance of indolent lymphoma.  The scan uses a special dye containing radioactive tracers. These tracers were injected this morning in the DC Kaiser Permanente Facility.

So far, no cats, no dogs, no fish, no ferrets or any other pets have been detected.  If so, I would be charging some serious pet deposits for taking up residence in the bod. 

The nurses are wound up tight and when I showed up in a line for blood work, they asked what I needed and told them, “the receptionist sent me back here for free kisses”.  It was like they had not joked in so long, even my bad joke got some serious laughing.  We had a brief interlude from the very serious Covid 19 pandemic.

Covid 19 delayed the test for a few months.   Arriving early, I didn’t run into too many people and physical distancing was easy, and everything went smoothly.  The George Washington Memorial Highway is a delightful travel route and a stressful moment wasn’t.

My days are always interesting, and today started at 4:30 a.m. with writing an offer on a home for parents wanting to invest in a home for their daughter while she is in college.   In the afternoon a friend called and wanted help finding a new commercial location for his business.  A recently widowed friend wants a rental and this morning the owner told me he didn’t want cats.  When I gave her the information, we joked and I said, no worries I will find you a "cat house".  She hadn't laughed in weeks. 

My recent widowed client as well as the nurses briefly enjoyed a little brevity in the midst of some serious stuff.

A friend found a very funny video a few weeks ago and after laughing very hard, she found herself also crying afterwards.  It is like our emotions have been on hold, that we are not laughing or crying very much, and one releases the other.

As a coach/realtor/pastor, it is joys and sorrows and all in between.

If you need a coach/realtor/pastor to share your joys, sorrows and all the in betweenness it will be an honor to serve. 

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