Thursday, May 21, 2020

Chipmunks and Trouble

The day after my PET scan and PSA blood work was hill training day.  Running up hills improves form while increasing stamina and is a huge part of training for an ultramarathon.  About halfway up the hill a dark, small animal crossed under foot from right to left.  When the spots on the fur came into focus, and as it passed underfoot, the tell-tale sight and sound of a chipmunk came into clarity. 

The chipmunk was probably more startled than I and expressed a high-pitched squeak as it passed underneath me.

Surprises come randomly and unexpectedly.  Some are fairly tame, like the chipmunk, and others not so much.

Just one day in a life can be a paradoxical day of surprises.  Here is just a few in my life.

Another Covid 19 Death.
Another conflict avoided due to learning relational skills.
Another church home group in which we all grew in the Lord.
Another great meal.
Another friend learning, they can’t see their elderly parent in a nursing home.
Another friend losing their mom without being able to be with them.
Another storm in India/Bangladesh.
Another new client.
Another conversation with children/grandchildren that is very positive.
Another client goes with another realtor.
Another client signs with me.
Another friend trusts me with their real estate.
Another friend doesn’t trust me with their real estate.
Another deep connection and positive communication with a loved one.
Another good report of no prostate cancer.
Another not so good report that indolent lymphoma remains.

Surprises are normal, positive and not so positive.  Just as it was taking a little discipline to not freak out and to keep moving onward up the hill while a chipmunk ran underfoot, let’s all re-calibrate no matter the daily surprise and keep moving onward in this life. Chipmunks and troubles can pass underfoot and disappear as we stay focused on living, moving forward and becoming.

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