Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transitions are more than a style of lens

Each aid station in ultra’s are a type of transition.  One stage ends, as you enter a neutral zone to refresh, refill and recuperate.  Then a new beginning occurs as you move out of the aid station and head towards the next.  Running from aid station to aid station is a way to run ultra’s.  These series of transitions and the way one handles the transitions determines the outcome.  Some aid stations, once entered are never left.  Some aid stations are skipped and some are missed because of being lost.  Some are fully embraced and efficiently passed through filled with what is needed to make it to the next aid station.

In my small circle of friends, I have heard the word transition more often than not.  It is as if many of us are in a time of transition.  The great news is that this means we are moving forward in life.  I think our country is also in a time of transition.

There is a template for transition.  It is the book of Luke and the book of Acts.  The transition from the personal ministry of Jesus to the personal ministry of human beings in relationship with God, through Christ Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit is well documented in those books of the bible.  “Managing Transitions” by Dr. William Bridges is an excellent book to help mange transitions.  The terms of ending, neutral zone and new beginning are taken from his book.

If you are experiencing a time of transition be encouraged that you are moving forward and not stuck in a rut.  Also, be encouraged to study the books aforementioned.

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