Friday, March 31, 2017

The Dam 5k (No, I am not cussing... yet)

On Saturday, April 1, Brenda and I will celebrate April Fools Day by toeing the line on a 5K fun run that coincides with a 50K called the Dam 50.

The “fun” is that both the50K and 5K includes the “death climb”.  It is a mile long climb up a steep mountain promised by the race director to be the “slowest mile” anyone has ever run.  An email this week said, “paramedics will be waiting at the end”

·       Are you ready for the Death Climb?! The course includes the death climb this year, so be careful making your way down! We will have paramedics at the bottom should they be needed. Everyone signed their waiver, right? ;) 

Many have extended generosity in the past and given towards many different missions efforts. This race is dedicated to a teaching missions trip to Ethiopia and Tanzania.  The Master’s degree from AGTS and International Coaching Federation certification authorizes me to encourage the emerging leadership in both countries.   In Ethiopia, I will teach two weeklong classes on “God and Angels”. In Tanzania, I will meet with the Tanzanian Assemblies of God Superintendent and leadership team to coach them to discover God’s plan, move forward, and build their confidence.

Here is what I am asking.  I would like for you to consider purchasing my latest book for $2.99.  I recently completed a book on fasting, entitled, “Life in the Fast Lane: Making an Ancient Practice New” and it is only available on Kindle. Its overriding theme is unconditional love.  Those who read it receive an undeniable fact that God loves everyone, and it has nothing to do with our performance or abilities, or lack thereof.  See the link below.

This trip has been saved for with money set aside in the past.  Future trips I will need some prayer driven financial assistance, but not this one. Any donations you feel compelled to give will be set aside for future missions trips. See link below.

Most importantly, pray that the mission to Ethiopia and Tanzania is blessed.

It is a fabulous moment in our 39 years of marriage to run/walk together.  Partnerships are an amazing adventure.  Pray the paramedics are not needed or a marriage counselor.


Craig and Brenda Burns

For book:
(link for donations)

Donations for future missions.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Everything All the Time

Everything All the Time

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The great Classic Rock Band, “The Eagle’s” penned these words.

“Everything all the time, will surely make you lose your mind.”

Our fascination with more and more is a symptom of our human condition.

We want more, and more, and more, (at least, I do.) (One chocolate chip leads to another and another and…)

It takes a wake up call to remind us, that “everything all the time will surely make you lose your mind”, your health, your relationships, your job and just about everything else that matters.

To counter the “everything all the time” mindset is to take a road less traveled.

The biblical answer to “everything all the time” is fasting.

There are heart fasts such as fasting envy.  There are food fasts such as fasting chocolate.  There are drink fasts, such as fasting beer.  There is bodily appetite fasting such as desserts.  Fasting is simple saying no to someone or something for a finite period.  The result is a finding of your mind, health, and relationships.  Fasting helps you find yourself.  (It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of “everything all the time”.) 

I wrote a short book on fasting, and it is available only on Kindle.  May you find yourself as you give desires up to the Lord.

You can find it here: