Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reflectors are NOT enough

Early one morning I was run over by a bicyclist from behind.  My reflective gear wasn’t enough for the rider to see me in time to brake and/or swerve.  For years I blamed the cyclist, until it dawned on me, that reflective gear is not enough.  So, now I run with both a forward facing headlamp, and a rear facing red back light when it is still dark outside.  Vehicle drivers, other runners and cyclists cannot depend on reflectors alone to know there is trouble ahead. They rely on a car’s brake lights or a runner’s backlight to alert them to the need to also brake and/or change their trajectory.

What’s the point?

As a Christian, we hope that our good behavior will so reflect the love of Jesus that someone will want to come to church with us, and/or enter a relationship with God.  Most people have so much going on, that they miss subtle signals, and need a “brake light ahead” to let them know to slow down and adjust their trajectory.

Be affirmed for being a nice person and reflecting the love and grace of Jesus. Also be encouraged to generate some light by using words about your church and/or a relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.

We have many examples in the Christmas story of telling others about Jesus. 

Luke 2:17 After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone...

Who will you tell about Jesus and invite to your church?


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