Thursday, May 26, 2016


A highly respected, high performance , high achieving woman revealed a sense of "unworthiness". Whatever category, one puts the feeling of "unworthy", or "not enough", or "I stink at this", I hope encourages all of us to just accept it is part of the human condition, and no matter how close to perfection one thinks they can get, one can never get there.

I think most everyone feels some form of "unworthy". It is kind of like playing in the background. I am also guessing there isn't a real cure for this.

The only thing that comes close is a personal relationship with God, through Christ Jesus. Within that relationship, Christ takes our sufferings, including the suffering that results from the lie that any human being is "unworthy".

No one is "unworthy", but most of us feel "unworthy". Some feel it more than others and more often than others.

If high performance people struggle with feeling "unworthy", then the rest of us, low to medium performance people struggle even more.

I am not saying, we should just "shrug it off". I am saying, let Jesus take it. He's pretty good at taking stuff like this from us, and giving us a feeling of "worthiness".

Back when I was more like a street preacher, I handed out literature that said, "I know how much you are worth". On the inside it showed the death of Christ, and the catch line, was, "you are worth the death of Jesus Christ".

I am less of a street preacher now, but the truth is still the same. Christ died for your sins, and the "unworthy" feelings you have.

Receive Jesus as saviour, and grow in your personal relationship with God,

Sunday, May 8, 2016

From Mama to Memory

First words of a child, is Mama.
First memories remembered came from Mama.
First lessons learned came from Mama.
First food feast came from Mama.

Later, Mama turned into Mommy.
Who taught to read? Mommy.
Who tied the shoe? Mommy.
Who kissed the hurt? Mommy.

Mommy eventually evolved into Mother.
Lessons on girls and hygiene came from Mother.
Instructions on manners came from Mother
Appreciation for the arts came from Mother.

As college approached, Mother became Mom.
Helping foot the bills, who else? Mom.
“How long do you cook the beans, Mom?”
“Brenda, I want you to meet my Mom.”

“Mom, you’re now a Grandma.”
“Rachel, this is my mom, your Maw maw.”
“How do you work these diapers, Maw maw?”
“What do I do to stop her crying, Maw maw?”

“Where is Maw maw, Mama?”
“Will Maw maw come for Christmas, Mommy?”
“Does Maw maw feel any pain in heaven, Mother?”
“Do you miss Maw maw, Mom?”

Mothers love, now a memory.
Mothers soothing voice, only a memory.
Mothers matchless wisdom and with, just a memory.
I’ll see her, hear her, and hold her, when I’m just a memory.
(Copyright C.Craig Burns)