Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Day After


Lots of different opinions abound regarding this day.

Just as every one's relationship with God, and others is personal and unparalleled, it is important to discern one's community before choosing to participate.

In a Northern Virginia Suburb the evening of Halloween remains one of the very few times in which the community welcomes door to door interactions.  In fact, neighbors get disappointed when no one comes to their door, and very happy when someone does.

So, for me, (and my house), we participate and go door to door within our neighborhoods and experience being welcomed.

In this very busy community, a knock on the door any other time is viewed as an interruption and invasion of personal space (unless you are a local politician and it is expected for them to do the hard work of connecting with their community).

Plus, it is a great opportunity to remain connected with your children and grand children and have some fun building positive memories.

The added plus comes into play when you  dress up and bring your own bag and don't have to beg from your children/grandchildren for some candy.  It was great, especially for the homes that other activities and left their candy on the doorstep with a note to help yourself.

Blessed All Saints Day, which kind of makes Halloween, or All Hallows Eve a Christian event.

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