Sunday, August 9, 2015

When two "crazies" meet.

Brenda and I were having a nice outdoor lunch on a cool (for Florida) afternoon at a Kebob place.  We were the only non-Muslims, and non-middle easterners in the place.  We are enjoying a fine lunch when an Islamic follower slowly drove by with her windows down, playing her music at very loud volumes.  When our waitress came by, I commented to her about it by saying, “where we are from, it is primarily the Hispanic population that likes to drive around listening to their favorite music at high volumes with their windows down.  I have never seen a Muslim-middle easterner do that.”

She laughed and said it was her friend, and “she is a little crazy”.  In just a few moments, the “crazy” one made her way to the restaurant, so I spoke to her before she went in, and complimented her music.  She and I immediately connected, and within seconds was belly laughing with and at each other.  She said, “It is really great when it is belly dancing.  I need to take you belly dancing”.  We laughed with and at each other, and it was fabulous.  We exchanged contact information, and she promised to send me a list of her favorite Arabic musicians. She says, that it is the Jordanian music that is the best.   I commented to her that too many strong in faith people are way too serious.  We both agreed, and a new friend was made.  Both couples left with a fond memory and with more friends.  We also connected with the waitress who shyly admitted, "I am crazy too."  

Why do we make it so hard to make friends, and even harder to make disciples of Jesus Christ?  It should be more fun to do both and to do it simultaneously.

I look forward with positive anticipation for my Arabic play list and seeing where the friendship leads.

Pray for my new friend, Amal and her boyfriend.