Friday, July 24, 2015

8 Month Sinus Infection comes to an end.

After 8 months of a sinus infection I am thankful to say it is over.

My last long run was a 50K in the Trinity W.V. run, with RD’s Adam Cassaday and Dan Lehman.  The week prior I had started feeling bad and it blew up into a full-scale sinus infection.

Almost choosing surgery along with six rounds of antibiotics, two CT scans, multiple doctor’s visits with primary care, emergency room Dr., ENT, and my oncologist and nothing really helped.  The antibiotics helped for about two weeks and then it would return.  I was almost about to agree to surgery when, together with my wife, we heard a report about peanut allergies affecting respiratory systems.  The thought went through my mind, to consider not eating peanuts to see if it would help. (I ate peanuts by the handfuls, many times a day).

After two days, I reported to my wife, “I tried that, but it didn’t help”.  She made me laugh at myself and encouraged me to try it a little longer.  After two weeks, still no change, but I kept staying off of peanuts.  IN that third week, I slowly got better, and am thankful.

Exercise classes supplemented 8 months of little or no running.  (It is humbling to be one of two males in an exercise class filled with super fit women.)  The classes helped me strengthen my core and rest my legs.  I am thankful to report the last two weeks I was able to log a long run of 6.25 and 6.75 miles with no after affects.

I am thankful to know that there is more exercises than running that one can participate in to stay in shape.  I also made lots of new friends, and can laugh at myself at how bad I am at many things super fit women are really good at.  At least for me, any exercise involving abs, core, obliques the women are so much better at, and I gave them lots of comic relief in the classes.

Just pausing to give thanks to God and all the many dynamics that brought me though the 8 months of a sinus infection.

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