Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lent: April Fool's Day. Do something to create a real belly laugh for a church administrative asst.

Today is day in which many practical jokes will be played on one another. April Fools Day is a fun way to step out of a comfort zone and have fun with one another. One of the most important positions in any congregation is the Administrative Assistant, or Church Secretary. Each church has its own job description, and each Administrative Assistant bring their own gifts, talents, personalities and humor to the ministry position. This week most every Administrative Assistant will have more work than they can accomplish. Why not send them some flowers, do a practical joke that makes them laugh, or really shock them and volunteer to help them. 

Lent activity:

Volunteer to assist the administrative assistant in preparing for Sunday Services or something personal. Optional: Do something that will create a real belly laugh for a church Administrative Assistant.

Your partner in sharing the gospel,

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