Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lent: Take a snack to a fire department.

In 1988 our congregation had just welcomed a homeless Christian school into our facility. A fire technician, followed by a stream of media, asked to gain entry into our building.  He took one step inside, and ordered an immediate evacuation, saying all of the inhabitants were in danger of being burned alive.

The action was motivated by an antagonistic political system; it made national news for a week.  Together with the church board, we determined that if we were safe on Sundays, we were also safe during the week.  We did not obey the evacuation order.

The crisis became a catalyst for change; the next election, most of the antagonists were voted out and a new wave of favor and partnership between our local government and churches began.

Even though that day was a 'trial by fire' for me, I have positive relationships with the Fire Officials in our county. They have ultimate authority and responsibility for safety, and most handle it gracefully.  Our brick and masonry building took relatively little in the way of improvements to bring it up to current fire codes for a school, and within a month, all was settled.

Here is a Lent activity: Make a healthy snack, and take it to a local volunteer fire department as an expression of thanks. Include a note of blessing.  An optional activity is to befriend the Fire Marshals and other officers and take interest in them as persons, offering to pray for them.   

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  1. I was a student in that once homeless school - I want to thank you for what you did for all of us. God Bless!