Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lent: Household Chores unto the Lord.

Our most important partner in sharing the gospel is our nearest neighbor. As a married man, that person is my wife, Brenda. As marriage partners we join together in following the mission of God.  

I personally do not like to make our bed, and one reason I don't like it is that I am not very good at it. The harder I try, the more I cannot seem to make it look right. In contrast, Brenda is excellent at it, and every day, without fanfare, or drawing any attention to the chore, she just does it. Sometime in her life, she transitioned from not liking a particular household chore to doing it as unto the Lord, without fanfare or drawing any attention to her work. 

Here is a Lent activity:

Do a chore around the house that you do not like doing, and do it unto the Lord, without fanfare or drawing attention to one self. Just do it.  

Your partner in sharing the gospel,

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