Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lent: Give Grace and Peace

grace and peace
Our Heavenly Father is a giver of grace and peace.  As His children, we are born again, and have the capacity to also give grace and peace.  Grace and Peace are greater than the Law and the Prophets, yet many in the church seem to more likely to give judgement than grace.  Make a relationship with God, both attractional and missional.  Give some grace to someone undeserving.

Here is a Lent activity you may want to continue way past Easter:

Give grace and peace to someone who deserves judgement and anger. (example: a driver cuts you off or annoys you, a waitress is not prompt, a checkout person makes a mistake, a person holds up a line you are waiting in, a spouse or friend falls short of expectation.)

Your partner in sharing the gospel,

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