Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lent: Assist the Hospitality Team in your congregation.

I will never forget the advice my father gave me as he drove my brother and me to our first real dance.  (I was in the 7th grade and there would be 12th grade girls at the dance.)  He said, "Son, you MUST dance with every girl at the dance tonight.  The shy ones, the outgoing ones, the pretty ones, the older ones, especially the ones who seem to be nervous."

At that stage in my life, I wasn't rebelling and had a marvelous time as a 7th grader asking to dance with the wide range of girls at the dance.  I was on a mission, and it was good to be able to report back in that, indeed, I did fulfill the mission.

I learned something valuable.  Everyone is shy, nervous, uncertain, and some are painfully so.  My dad was teaching me to be hospitable to everyone, even the ones who were much older than I was, and were the very popular upper-grade girls.  In the process I also learned that the very shy are often overlooked and passed up simply because they were introverts.

When someone visits a church, they need someone who will be hospitable to them, and be treated the same no matter their outward appearance.  One of the most valuable ministry teams in a congregation are those first responders to a guest. 

Lent activity:

Volunteer to assist the hospitality team at your church.
Your partner in sharing the gospel,

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