Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lent: Affirm a Receptionist

The evening of June 29, 2012 a severe storm, called a Derecho moved from the Ohio Valley, and passed overhead as my wife and I prepared for sleep. It was an incredible storm, and we lost our power. The next morning, my wife, who never complains, informs me, she needs to go to the emergency room. We load up, and weave our way around fallen trees and my wife is being treated at a center that had not lost power. While waiting, I witness a cranky old gentlemen severely criticizing the receptionist for something that she had no responsibility for. It placed a cold chill over the entire waiting area. She had to sacrifice her safety to show up for work, and did not deserve this antagonism. Afterwards I went up to her and affirmed her. It brought tears to her eyes.

Here is a Lent activity:

Every receptionist you talk with today, compliment them and do NOT complain about anything to them.

Your partner in sharing the gospel

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