Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lent: Affirm a professional.

In October of this past year I had gotten a cold while visiting Williamsburg, VA.  It grew into a sinus infection and as of today, I still have congestion with coughing.  As I met a new ENT doctor who was trying to figure out how to treat me, I spoke to him affirmations.  Something like, “Doctor, thank you for choosing to be a health care professional.  I really appreciate it.”

He stopped what he was doing, locked his gaze on me and said, “No one has ever thanked me for being a doctor before.  I am moved. I am profoundly moved.”

Here is a Lent activity.

Affirm a professional today.  Sincerely thank a professional for being who they are, and add a God bless you.  If you really want to go missional, ask them if there is anything you can pray with them about.

Your partner in sharing the gospel,


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