Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lent: Do Not be Anxious

A few years ago I had a deep sense of urgency to fast and pray. I took that season of a sense of urgency longer than the Lord desired, and it became an anxiety issue. A good and normal spiritual discipline, if taken to an extreme, can turn into a negative thing. (At least it did with me.)  

Three major disciplines helped me overcome the anxiety issue.  
  • Regular reading of God's word led me to Phi. 4:6 that told me to "not be anxious for anything". 
  • Regular fellowship brought me into contact with other members of the body of Christ, and I discovered that they were not living under a cloud of anxiety. 
  • Regular praying in the Spirit re-captured for me a sense of the Lord's leading. 
Sharing the good news of Jesus is hindered if a messenger of that good news is suffering from anxiety.


Here is a Lent activity your close friends and family may want you to continue way past Easter:

All day, do not worry about anything, at anytime.  Exchange worry for a smile and give away a few "God bless you's"with that smile.

Your partner in sharing the gospel

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