Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spin Doctor

After my first chemotherapy treatment, my spin class instructor asked me before spinning "how are you?". ( A loaded question for anyone overcoming cancer.)  I responded, "fine, except they added some steroids to the mix, and it me made a little edgy".  Her response?


And then she spun us into near cardiac arrest with another of her "expand my horizons" music play list that included a few "edgy" songs.

I have since asked to be taken off the steroids, and there is beauty of being surrounded by lots of wise counselors as I continue the battle against a life shortening disease.  For my spin doctor and others, being edgy is a cool thing, and it gave me the freedom to release the tension of the side affects of treatments in the presence of friends, who sincerely want me to get better.

I pray you surround yourself with a wide variety of professionals as you fight the good fight of faith.

Thank-you Beth, or Dr. Beth for being my spin doctor.

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