Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seed Faith Thoughts Killed Goliath

I read a story about an author of a book who was checking his baggage at an airline counter.  He was asked if he was carrying anything dangerous.

Instead of saying, no.

He said, "yes, I carry the most dangerous thing of all in my luggage."

He got their attention.

He went on to say. " I have ideas of hope, of freedom, of reigning in life inside my luggage."

Ideas are the most dangerous and the most blessed of all things.

Ideas, are thoughts. Ideas are seeds of faith. 

If a seed of a thought can be planted in someone’s mind and heart, then they will follow that seed of an idea.

It works for good or for evil.

In David’s situation, he did not come from tending sheep planning to do anything other, than taking his brothers some food, and checking in on the battle.  He was probably just daydreaming, and humming to himself, on the way.  He came to the battle lines, with no intention of doing anything brave. 

Until the seed faith thought was planted in his mind.

He came to the battle lines, as a shepherd boy, but something began to change him from the inside.

Three ideas began to form in his mind, and they very quickly took root in his heart.

"The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him.
He will also give him his daughter in marriage.

and will exempt his family from taxes in Israel.”(1 Sam. 17)

A seed faith idea is what killed Goliath.

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