Friday, May 16, 2014


What would you think of me, who thought so lowly of myself, that I was too unworthy to receive a gift.

Maybe you would think I was ungrateful.
Maybe you would think I was un-kind.

Well, I am telling you, that God has given us human beings the gift of being righteous, and if we think of ourselves so lowly, that we are unworthy of receiving it, it will come across as being ungrateful and unkind.

And, we are witnesses to others, and if we are not accepting this gift of righteousness, it affects others.

And, we in relationship with God, are to be more aware of how our character and actions are affecting others.

Can we receive the gift of righteousness?

Yes, at the moment of saying yes, to a relationship with God, through Christ Jesus you are given the gift of righteousness.  It is a gift, given, not earned.

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