Monday, May 5, 2014

Ain't No Grave

I really like Russ Taft's version of "Ain’t no grave gonna hold this body down".  Listening at loud levels does something positive to my spirit. 

This is the resurrection power of our Lord that does, live inside of us, because Jesus lives in side of us, and he is the resurrection and the life.

In relationship with God, through Jesus, there is a close, loving, bear hug kind of love between a human being and God. 

Within that relationship, at our death, our spirit will separate from our body, and at the trumpet sound, at the resurrection day, ain’t no grave gonna hold our body down.

And, in relationship with God, we become who we already are in Christ.

The resurrection power and life of Jesus gives us the authority over sin, sickness, Satan, and any curse of the law of sin and death.

It is not a thing we ask separate from our relationship, or it becomes simply a bless me kind of relationship with God.

It is a complete, loving, bear hug kind of closeness found within that loving, completing relationship with God.   God’s love will manifest in a sin removing, sickness overcoming, Satan defeating experience.

Let us open up our heart to an overcoming relationship with God, and stop excusing our immoral behavior, our unrighteous thoughts, and our dysfunctions, on “this is just the way I am, and always will be”.

Let us become in Christ, a person who reigns over their life, and develops a mindset of overcoming, through the transforming power of a loving relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

Keep moving forward, and one day, "Ain't no grave gonna hold this body down."

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