Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Race Directors do NOT abandon any of their runners.

Jesus was forsaken on the final moments of the cross and for the three days in hell.  Jesus as savior had to experience every experience a human would or could ever experience including death, and a trip into hell. 

At Jesus death, his spirit was released from his body.  When God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus spirit was reconnected to his body.  At death, Jesus body lay in the tomb, and his spirit entered the eternal world, and as a forsaken being, was taken into hell by Satan who had the keys to hell and death.  He had already endured the assault on every aspect of what it meant to be human during his crucifixion, now he is experiencing what it is like to be forsaken and abandoned by God.

Jesus had to experience this, because in our times of really bad times on earth, one of the thoughts that the thief likes to plant in our minds is that God has forsaken you.

The thief enjoys planting seeds in the minds of people under great stress and duress, and one of his most effective seed he plants is, the reason you (he actually will say, I) the reason I am going through this is because God has forsaken me.

So… with this seed planted, our first impulse if not fully full of scripture, we will also think, that this tragedy or crisis or abuse is because I have done something wrong, and therefore, God has forsaken me.

It is true that on the cross and the three days in hell, Jesus was forsaken and abandoned, and we cannot grasp the sufferings of that time.  But it was so horrible, and the price he paid was so immense, that this is now forever true.

God cannot and will not forsake you.  Jesus has suffered being forsaken, and abandoned, and on the third day, at the worst of the suffering, God raised Jesus from the dead, and in so doing, took the keys of hell and death away from Satan, put them into the hands of Jesus, and at his resurrection and ascension, given all authority over heaven and earth, and since hell is in the bowels of the earth, Jesus is Lord over heaven, earth and all of hell.  Listen, it is not possible for God to forsake us, or anyone anymore.

If trouble comes, it is NOT because God has forsaken you.

God loves you, he is not forsaking you.

No race director leaves the race until all their runners are safely accounted for.  How much more does the Heavenly Father manifest love to all human beings?

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