Sunday, April 27, 2014

In Earth as it is in Heaven

In earth, there are experiences that we have that will not be found in heaven.

No one will fall down steps after worship in heaven, nor cut his hand after preparing meals in heaven, nor have his mansion set on fire while he is worshipping at the throne.  No one will feel or be sick.

So, how do we resolve this tension between what we pray happens, and what happens sometimes.

We Follow Scripture NOT Feelings

If and when a negative experience occurs on this earth, there will emerge a competition between your emotional response and a scriptural response.

If you ever become a lifeguard or an EMT, or anyone in a life saving job, or a doctor, nor nurse or anyone in a medical field, you will be trained, not to yield to emotions, but to follow a set, and prescribed protocol.

In times of distress, we must follow the professional protocol, not our own feelings.

Our professional protocol is to follow scriptures, not our feelings.

For those of us in relationship with God, through Jesus we have willingly accepted the rule and reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and have chosen to allow the Holy Bible to serve as our rule for faith and conduct.

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