Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"In Earth as it is in Heaven"

Lord, you will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Whatever your view of heaven is, I really hope it does not include death, disease, disappointments, discouragements, and if we went through the ABC's, we could list a bunch of things that is not in heaven.  

 No arguments in heaven.  No behavioral issues in heaven.  No capitalism, communism or consumerism in heaven.  No death, no emphysema, no flu, no gingivitis, no hives, no indigestion, no jealousy, no KKK, no lymphoma, no mammograms or malignancies or massacres or mobs or…,  and I could go through every letter of the alphabet of what will NOT be in heaven, and in relationship with God, through Christ Jesus it is possible, not easy, but possible by faith that we can have the life in heaven, now in earth.

No neonatal care units, no operating rooms, no psychiatric wards, no quizzes, no respirators, no Satan, no ticks, no umbrella’s, no vices, no warts, no x-ray machines, and unfortunately, no Z-28’s.

My guess is that since there will be streets of gold, vehicles have some kind of electromagnetic wheels since gold is the best conductor of electricity. 

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