Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Follow Trail Markers, NOT Your Feelings.

For those of us in relationship with God, through Jesus we have willingly accepted the rule and reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and have chosen to allow the Holy Bible to serve as our rule for faith and conduct.  For those who toe the line in an ultramarathon, they willingly bring their will under the rule of the race director and the staff who marks the trails with trail markers. As they run, they don't run their race, but the race set before them by the race director.

John 10:10 and 11 reminds us it is the thief that comes to steal kill and destroy, so we, have an option when bad things happen to us on earth.

Never yield to an emotion and get upset at God or God’s people (including yourself) when bad things happen. Always yield to the scripture and elevate scripture above what you feel and want to say.

Follow scripture, not feelings.  Follow the trail markers.  Stop running your own race, but run the race set before you by the Lord, who is the Master Race Director.

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