Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Empty Nest Alert

If this is the first season of life without children around, there will be multiple unsettling emotions and thoughts running through your soul.  If your child, especially the ‘baby’ has been away at college about a month, you are probably struggling with intangible feelings of a loss of identity.  Be encouraged to give yourself some space to develop your new identity separate from your children.  Go on a search for who you are.  The journey of self-discovery without children in the home can be frightfully exciting and challenging.  

This could be the time to develop an identity that includes a focus on your own health and fitness goals.  Using the time that was once spent on children gives you the time to discover what God has planned for your well being.  

What is a 'secret' desire regarding health and fitness.  When you think about it, it makes you laugh.  Example:  "I could be a yoga instructor."  

The path to being a yoga instructor begins with attending yoga classes.  There are lots of varieties, so using this 'free' time gives you the opportunity to shop around until you find the right connection.

It could also include running ultra marathons, completing tri-athlons, joining a gym, swim classes, coaching a youth sports team, and any number of positive ethical/legal/moral opportunities.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A philosophical debate goes on inside my thoughts.  It goes something like this.  “How much is too much exercise and how little is too little exercise.”  “Do I push through this or do I pull back from this?”  My yoga instructor answered this without knowing the question.  In class, she had us stand one foot, and then told us to “throw yourself off balance, catch yourself from falling, and bring your body back into balance.”  She then tells us to repeat this process multiple times.

The act of being out of balance helps you get back into balance and stay in balance.

In a self-controlled way, I have a more balanced body because of the class.  

My takeaway is that being out of balance is not a problem as long as self-controlled efforts bring back balance.  It is the staying out of balance that results in a fall, stumble and/or or slip up.  A fall, stumble or slip up in a yoga class is not a big deal.  However, a moral/ethical/legal fall and slip up can be life altering in a negative way. 

What is out of balance? (Think of areas in life that if you keep going in a direction will result in a fall, stumble or slip up). Now just exercise self-control and bring yourself back into balance.  You are stronger now.  

Enjoy this wonderful out of balance life, by exercising the self-control necessary to keep bringing it back into balance.