Monday, August 12, 2013


In relationship with God, through Christ Jesus I realized the empowered life over a drug induced existence at nineteen years of age.

I am now on four plus days of being in a drug induced state following an inguinal hernia surgery.

I am thankful and very grateful for being awakened from my drug/alcohol existence.  I was numb and getting number. (You can insert the d for the n and it would be true.)

If you are still living the numbed life, it is hard to imagine life without being 'numbed'. 

It really is better, but it isn't better because of being free from drugs and alcohol.  It is better because of the relationship with God, and one of the many benefits is friendship with the Almighty. 

His plan included putting upon His only Son, all the things that hurt a human being.  His plan of resurrecting included power over all the things that hurt us as human beings including death itself.

Friendship with God doesn't keep a person from experiencing pain, but it does promise a life of overcoming pain.

Today is my last day on Percocet, and I am thankful for having health care providers who prescribed this pain killing medicine for me.  I needed it, and was thankful for it.

As I am taking my last pills, I am thankful for the certainty that a relationship with God offers.

Jesus not only takes the edge off of the pains of life, he also completely and totally forgives and heals.

I highly recommend a relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.

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