Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I run ultra-marathons

Why run ultra-marathons?

I still field this question and there are many answers.  The following story encapsulates the main reason:

“When Lazaro Katema set out to plant a church in Chandama, Tanzania, village leaders resisted him. In fact, they wouldn't let him stay overnight in town, so he slept in the brush under a tree.

One night several lions came into the village, mauling two people and killing one. The next morning, local leaders were convinced the lion attacks were brought on by the contempt and lack of hospitality shown Katema. They were also convinced that he had fallen victim to the lions.

When they went to look for him in the brush, they found that he was OK. They asked if he had seen the lions and he said, No, but that some dogs had circled him in the night. Those "dogs" had left prints around Katema's camp. And they weren't dog prints they were lion prints. Village leaders were so moved by Katema's survival that they opened the village to him and gave him a plot of land for the church. Now when he shows up in the village, he is given a VIP escort.

Today the Chandama church is vibrant. In only three years, Katema's denomination, the Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG), has increased by over 230,000, added nearly 1,700 pastors and over 1,500 churches.

Each day at Priority One Leaders we get up to empower, train and resource men and women like Katema and to support the work of the Spirit around the world.”

I am getting up Saturday morning to toe the line at 6:00 a.m. for the Highlands Sky 40 mile trail run in Davis, WV.  Would you prayerfully support providing men like Lazaro with educational resources to grow in his leadership?  He has a depth in his relationship with God that we may not have, and we all have something we can help him with.  Wouldn’t it be great to financially partner with people like this?  I know you will, because God has blessed you and God supplies seed for the sower.  You can donate through paypal on our church website at

Still a little on the crazy side of life, but not sleeping in the brush with lions… yet. #lotsmorecrazypeopleouttherethanme.


p.s. Small injuries this past year and a recent diagnosis of a hernia will limit my ability to finish.  I hope to finish the first half. I will be happy with a 20-mile run up and down and up the mountains.

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