Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life is fragile

This Saturday I planned to run in the Capon Valley 50K.  This follows my graduation from AGTS with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.  If you would like to see the five minute testimony it is at 41:52 in the commencement video below.  ( 

To date, it was the highest honor and most privileged opportunity to share about my relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.

On Saturday I would have be running by faith for the missions cause of building and maintaining Bible schools around the world, but a tragedy occurred Tuesday night.  A good friend’s son’s truck hydroplaned off a curve on a mountainous road in West Virginia and he entered into eternity. 

The funeral will be this Saturday, and instead of running the 50K I will be supporting the family.  Life is so short, even if we live to 120, we will never complete everything we want to do.  Take a moment and love the loves of your life, for there is no guarantee our mortal bodies will live forever.  Our mortal bodies will be raised (1 Cor. 15) to be with Christ in eternity, and until that time we do the best we can with what we are given and trust God for the rest.

Would you consider a missions offering for this non-run?  The most important things of life are the unseen, the inner life of us all.  It really does matter if we are ready for eternity, and that is why I feel so strongly about training up ministers of the gospel around the world.

If you have a moment, go to and make a donation.  It will all go to Bible colleges in a very needy part of our planet, via Priority One Missions, led by Rev. Sam Johnson.

Blessings, and pray for my good friends, the Lewellen's, who loved and raised their son.  He now has finished his race and entered his eternal rewards,


Craig Burns

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  1. Craig,

    I did not know Brent, but two of the folks I work with were in the Fire Dept. with him. So tragic and I really feel for his parents. Life is so fragile. I'm just glad to know that this is not all that there is and that our Heavenly Father has so much more prepared for us.

    Be well my friend,