Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Any exercise is going to bring some minor pain.  It is when it becomes a major pain that a counselor/physician/expert should be consulted.  After a six mile run, a recurring lower abdomen pain brought back memories of a swollen lymph node that was cancerous.  Choice was to keep this in the imagination/self diagnosis realm, or make a doctor appointment and get some other eyes on the pain.

Moving it out of the darkness of my own mind and into the light of a trained physician was the way to go.  It was hard to diagnose even for my physician.  It looked very much like a swollen lymph node and/or a hernia.   

It was neither.  It was a lower abdomen muscle strain.

When we think we know what is wrong with us, we could be very wrong. 

What pain are you facing that you need to let a trained physician/counselor/expert take a look at?

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