Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Relational Friction in the "Long Runs" of life

Short runs don’t produce enough skin on skin or skin on fabric friction to cause problems.  When you get beyond 20 miles on a long run, if proper preparation wasn’t taken, you will know it. It is especially bad on an out and back trail run, because there are no stores, or any signs of civilization. 

What is proper preparation for friction in the long run’s of life?  

In actual long runs, there are numerous preparations.  Some use strategically placed band aids.  Some use some type of lubricating gel lotion on any place where skin is meeting skin or fabric.  Many take a tube of Chap Stick for lip issues and/or friction issues.  It’s light weight and is invaluable when needed.

While running the Boston Marathon, I saw an aid station worker at the 20 mile mark holding up a Popsicle stick with some goo looking stuff on it.  I picked it up, thinking it was something to eat, but right before I put it in mouth; I realized it was petroleum jelly.   Fortunately, I didn’t need it for nutrition or for friction, but many others did.  

In current culture so many people change partners, jobs, churches, houses within five years.  Those that change after a few years, never really get the privilege of working out those areas of relational friction.  Real friction happens after 20 years or so.  It is in the long run that you need more and better preparation. 

If you are facing lots of relational friction, maybe the answer isn’t change, but a strategically placed band aid (grace) or the social equivalent of petroleum jelly (forgiveness) being handed out on a Popsicle stick by the human resources person, marriage counselor, or pastoral staff.  Just don’t eat it, apply it.

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