Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Relational Friction in the "Long Runs" of life

Short runs don’t produce enough skin on skin or skin on fabric friction to cause problems.  When you get beyond 20 miles on a long run, if proper preparation wasn’t taken, you will know it. It is especially bad on an out and back trail run, because there are no stores, or any signs of civilization. 

What is proper preparation for friction in the long run’s of life?  

In actual long runs, there are numerous preparations.  Some use strategically placed band aids.  Some use some type of lubricating gel lotion on any place where skin is meeting skin or fabric.  Many take a tube of Chap Stick for lip issues and/or friction issues.  It’s light weight and is invaluable when needed.

While running the Boston Marathon, I saw an aid station worker at the 20 mile mark holding up a Popsicle stick with some goo looking stuff on it.  I picked it up, thinking it was something to eat, but right before I put it in mouth; I realized it was petroleum jelly.   Fortunately, I didn’t need it for nutrition or for friction, but many others did.  

In current culture so many people change partners, jobs, churches, houses within five years.  Those that change after a few years, never really get the privilege of working out those areas of relational friction.  Real friction happens after 20 years or so.  It is in the long run that you need more and better preparation. 

If you are facing lots of relational friction, maybe the answer isn’t change, but a strategically placed band aid (grace) or the social equivalent of petroleum jelly (forgiveness) being handed out on a Popsicle stick by the human resources person, marriage counselor, or pastoral staff.  Just don’t eat it, apply it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Friction happens.

Friction happens, and the longer the run, the job, the relationship, or anything real the more the friction.  On a long run the best of socks may still yield a blister and the softest of fabrics may still chafe the skin.   

What can you do to reduce friction on your job, in relationships, and the pursuit of the blessings of God?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Haiku Summary of the Book of Numbers

A short way to read through the book of Numbers.

Numbers 3
Nadab, Abihu.
Offered wicked, evil fire.
Died in the Presence.

Numbers 5
Confess wrong doings.
Pay back, return, restore, plus.
God’s social justice.

Numbers 6
May the Lord Bless You.
May the Lord show you favor,
Receive it. Take it.

Numbers 9
“They did whatever
The Lord told them through Moses.”
Is this true for you?

Numbers  10
When the trumpets sound
All the people assemble.
Listen for the call.

Numbers 11
God asked a question.
“Has my arm lost its power?”
How do you answer?

Numbers 11B
The Lord brought Quail wind.
Fifty bushels each person.
How much do you need?

Numbers 12
Miriam, Aaron.
Criticized Moses big time.
Why be critical?

Numbers 13
Explore Canaan Land.
Wonderful, abundant land.
Fear, doubt, kept them out.

Numbers 14
 Joshua, Caleb.
Faith life is a loyal life.
A royal priesthood.

Numbers 15
Gather wood? Hard work!
Violated the Sabbath.
He was put to rest.

Numbers 16
Conspired rebellion.
Korah came against Moses.
Church fights are not new.

Numbers 17
Aaron’s rod blossomed.
Old, dead stick produced almonds.
With God, the dead rise.

Numbers 18
Grain, sin, guilt offerings.
Grains, meats “will be most holy.”
God’s blessings! Eat meat.

Numbers 19
Bring a red heifer.
Perfect heifer, no defects.
Offer up the best.

Numbers 20
Miriam died. Sad.
More rebellion. Moses mad .
Anger! Worse than bad.

Numbers 22
Balaam’s Donkey asked.
Asked discovery questions.
Why tell? Why not ask?

Numbers 23
God is not human.
Not lied, failed to act, changed mind.
We are! Save us, Lord.

Numbers 24
If bless Israel.
Blessed will the person be.
Opposite  true, too.

Numbers 25
Seduction, sex, lies.
Turned some away from the Lord.
Except for God’s grace.

Numbers 26
Warriors were men.
Twenty Years old, minimum.
War? Over women!

Numbers 26 B
Unbelievers died.
Joshua and Caleb lived.
Choice! What do you want?

Numbers 27
Daughters claim correct.
The rights of women upheld.
What rights need claiming?

Numbers 28
God’s food? Offerings!
No defect, diseased or dirty.
What is your offer?

Numbers 29
Special sacrifice.
Plus regular offerings.
Cannot outgive God!

Numbers 30
A man and his wife.
Relation regulation.
Why is this so hard?

Numbers 31
God owns his people.
Sacrifice offerings, tithe.
Idolatry cure.

Numbers 32
Why? Gad and Reuben.
Cross over Jordan with us.
Why not be a team?

Numbers 33
Rameses’ City.
Israel left, defiant.
Who’s holding you back?

Numbers 34
Bukki.  Jogli’s son.
Leader of the tribe of Dan.
Bukki? Bukki who?

Numbers 35
Cities of refuge.
Heaven on earth.  A safe place.
Where is your safe place?

Numbers 36
Marry within tribe.
Makes it less complicated.
Why make it so hard?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To participate is to partake

Ultra Marathon aid stations are buffets of various foods and drinks. That buffet can be anything. I have seen pretzels, partially cooked potatoes, gummy bears, banana's, trail mix, potato chips, orange slices, water, tea, caffeinated cola, electrolyte drinks, pain killers, and others. One on ultra they use horses as the sweepers and I understand it is hard to keep the horses and bandits out of the M&M's.

Paying the entree free allows every participant to partake.

What resources, relationships can you ethically, morally and legally partake of after paying the price to enter/join/employment/marriage/etc?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Being Polite

Trail running leaves little room for side by side running, so to pass or be passed one or the other has to temporarily get off the path to allow movement.    

What polite thing can you do if you are passing someone in life, career, finance, that you would appreciate if you are being passed?