Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two minute read of Exodus

Here is a 17 syllable (Haiku) journey through Exodus.  This is a mental/spiritual exercise for me and may it be a blessing to you.
It can be your two minute read of Exodus.       
Exodus 2
Moses. A Killer?
There was grace before the Law.
Always grace. Always.
Exodus 3
“I Am Who I Am”
“I Am has sent me to you”.
Be a ‘sent’ person.
Exodus 4
Moses “What if this?”
“What if that? What if this, that?”
God. “What’s in your hand?”
Exodus 5
Moses. "Lord what have ...?"
"Lord, why did you ...?" "Why, why why?"
Follow, not accuse. 
Exodus 8
"Let my people go!"
"So they may go worship me!"
What's holding us back?
Exodus 8
Pleasing aroma.
A special gift presented.
Be ‘special’ to God.
Exodus 10
Locusts, darkness, flies
More plagues. Death of the firstborn!
Let us remember.  
Exodus 12,13
The Lord passed over
homes that shed blood of the lamb.
Covenant command.
 Exodus 13
Day. Pillar of cloud!
Night. Pillar of fire! In front.
Follow the pillars.
Exodus 15
Glorious triumph!
The Lord is my strength and song!
This is who we are.
Exodus 17
Moses, Aaron, Hur.
Lifting up tired arms was good.
“The Lord my banner”.
Exodus 20
“I am the Lord God”
Veto any other god.
Veto other ways
Exodus 22
Thieves pay back double.
Everything stolen comes back.
Come, in Jesus Name!
Exodus  23
“You must celebrate”
“bring the very best harvest”
Why is this so hard?
Exodus 26, 27
Skilled workers needed!
“Build it just as you were shown!”
Let us build with skill.
Exodus 28
“Skilled craftsmen MUST make”
“Skilled craftsmen FILLED with wisdom”
Follow instructions.
Exodus 29
Dedication, anointing.
Offer to the Lord.
Exodus 30
Each one in census
Pay a ransom for himself.
We belong to God.
Exodus 32
Gold Calf! Bad Idea.
Indulged in pagan party.
Drinking impairs thoughts.
Exodus 35
Come, gifted craftsmen.
Construct all things God commands.
Be eager to help.
Exodus 35
Take an offering.
Those with generous hearts gave.
You know what to do.
Exodus 37
THE ARK: Sacred Chest.
Bezalel made with pure gold.
Not made in China. 
Exodus 39
Beautiful sacred.
Gold thread, fine linen ephod.
Gemstone filled chest piece.
(Now you have quickly journeyed through Exodus, what is the Lord saying to you?)

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