Monday, February 4, 2013

Haiku’s while on the cruise.

While cruising the Caribbean with over 100 like minded missional couples I was unable to post my little summations of the scripture readings. So, if you want a short summary in the form of Haiku's of a few chapters of Exodus, here they are.

Exodus 5

Moses. "Lord what have ...?"

"Lord, why did you ...?" "Why, why why?"

Follow, not accuse.

Exodus 8

"Let my people go!"

"So they may go worship me!"

What's holding us back?

Exodus 10

Locusts, darkness, flies

More plagues. Death of the firstborn!

Let us remember.

Exodus 12,13

The Lord passed over

homes that shed blood of the lamb.

Covenant command.

Exodus 13

Day. Pillar of cloud!

Night. Pillar of fire! In front.

Follow the pillars.

Exodus 15

Glorious triumph!

The Lord is my strength and song!

This is who we are.

Exodus 17

Moses, Aaron, Hur.

Lifting up tired arms was good.

"The Lord my banner".

Exodus 20

"I am the Lord God"

Veto any other god.

Veto other ways

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