Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Skewed foot!

I stopped reading many people's blog's and posts because they only tell of successes and victories. Those kinds of stories are only helpful when you also are being successful and victorious. To read some blogs it is as if a person if in God's will will experience continual church growth, greater health, lose more weight, become more and more physically fit, experience perfect relationships, and have all the energy to do whatever whenever.

Since August and the completion of a 50 mile trail run, my right big toe has hurt. I self diagnosed myself, and stopped running, but after almost 3 months decided to go to a podiatrist. He diagnosed it as capsulitis and placed me on anti inflammatory drugs, put me in a protective boot and told me to treat it alternatively with hot and cold water. After numerous x-rays said, "you have a skewed foot, and should not have been able to run 50 miles". I told my fitness instructor about it and she said, "Yeah, the doctor told me that with my bunions I shouldn't be able to walk".

The reality of this life is that it is skewed, and we will never experience a time in which everything and everyone goes our way. Fortunately, God has provided ample sufficient grace and love to overcome a 'skewed' life, and though we shouldn't be able to do what we are called to do, we can do it because "God is love".

1 John 4: God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

I run, but my identity is not a 'runner'. I preach, but my identity is not 'a preacher'. I have many facets of my life, and at any moment in time they can be 'skewed' by life. Above and beyond this 'skewed' life is the love of God, in which we can live in, and the blessed reality is that God lives in our 'skewed' life, and gives us love to overcome whatever and whoever is opposing us.


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