Friday, June 29, 2012


A diverse portfolio of friends provides a humorous and often divergent view of life. One of my friends is going to start running across Virginia along the AT this afternoon. She plans on averaging 40 plus miles a day till she is done. This is her idea of a fabulous two week vacation. Another friend just old me of the joy of blowing up rocks with armor piercing 30/06 shells. He is letting me borrow his rifle so I can blow up rocks. Another friend told me as a kid he was diagnosed bi-polar with a 60 IQ, and told he was mentally retarded, yet he has every bit of product in his store memorized and categorized without the use of a computer. He can find stuff, and quote their prices because it is all stored and retrieved in his highly developed brain. Another friend helped me fix my broken AC condensation pipe. Another friend, felt compelled to address an area of improvement in my life. Another friend just became a great uncle who grinned mischievously when I told him not to spoil her too much. Another friend is dropping off some financial papers on her way home from work. Another friend let me borrow a weed trimmer. Another friend has guided me in developing a list of easily accomplished projects on a work day. Another friend coached me on life, and I was able to coach him as well.

A diverse set of friends ensures a totally unique perspective on aspects of life. I cannot imagine a life without the community of friends. I married my best friend, and we are about to spend a week with our kids and grandkids who are our best friends.

It sounds trite, but it's true. Jesus is the best friend, and he allows us to join in community with all of his friends. Love on Jesus, for loving Jesus opens you up to life of friendship and community with a very, very divergent group.

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