Saturday, May 5, 2012

In the long run…

The long runs of life are foundational for a wonderful life in relationship with God, through Christ Jesus. Thursday afternoon of this week, I began my long run of 20 miles in preparation for a 50K later this month. I normally do an out and back, so the turnaround point is like a 'mid life crisis'. "What was I thinking?", "It will be 10:00 p.m. before I am home?", "Why didn't I bring a back up headlamp?", "Do I have enough water?" "Why didn't I bring more food?", etc., etc., etc. I both like and dislike the out and back long runs, because it makes it less easy to quit. Long runs are accompanied by games the mind plays, which can be influenced by the Holy Spirit, fear, self and/or Satan. As the night grew darker and darker, I was glad that my head lamp had kept working, I had enough water, I had adequate food, by cell phone was able to ease my wife's concerns that I was out too late, and running solo in the moonlight without the distractions of a busy life put something intangible back into my tank.

What games does one's mind play at the middle of something? Quitting is always an option, and what steps can one take to make quitting more difficult than continuing the "race set before you"(Heb. 12:1).

Lord help us not quit the long run of a marriage, ministry, career, parenting, service, health, diet,.. In Jesus name, amen.

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