Friday, May 18, 2012

Fine line between crazy and a faith attempt

Saturday May 19th, I will make another faith attempt at a 50 K (yes, five times longer than a 10K) to raise awareness of the need and finances to make disciples of all nations.

Together… is the theme of the missions team I am privileged to be a participant in.

Together, jointly, as one, collectively so much more can be accomplished than alone. Priority One Missions-(Sam Johnson) trains men and women for the ministry, by building Bible Schools and Training Centers.

In February you helped me run the Holliday Lake 50K by praying and giving to the bible college in Cambodia. Last year you helped me by praying and giving to the bible college for Cuba. Tomorrow, I won't be running alone, for we are together in ministry and the Lord has promised he would never leave or forsake us. As I run, it will be as if you were running with me because we are "together".

Help me as I run the Capon Valley 50K this Saturday by praying for me and visiting and make a donation for building bible schools and training centers. If you prefer hard copy and a check, you could write the check to Vienna Assembly of God, and put Priority One Missions in the memo line. The church address is 100 Ayrhill Ave. N.E., Vienna, VA.

Three years ago I was two months into R-CHOP chemotherapy. If I come to mind on Saturday, I would appreciate a whispered prayer. I would hope to finish under the 9 hour time limit.

Together we continue to accomplish great things, and move through lots of stuff, as we prioritize the mission of God.

Your almost holy, and not quite right reverend,



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