Monday, February 20, 2012

You are HOT!!!

My core temperature had been a few degrees lower than usual for a week and I was feeling poorly. Sunday morning I asked Brenda (my wife) to speak the Word of God to me and proclaim to my body, "You are HOT!!!"

Being close to Valentine's Day, it was a joke, but a joke spoken in faith still produced the resulting rising in my temperature to rise to normal by the evening. This morning it was close to normal as well.

Romans 4:17 "calls into being things that were not"

To be a blessing be encouraged to use your words to do less moaning and groaning about the way things are, and "call into being things that were not". Ask your loved ones to speak words of faith to you as well. Our bodies are responsive to the Word of God and can conform to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ.

(Two other good reports of bodies conforming to God's Word was received at Vienna Assembly of God yesterday)

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