Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short Version of the HL 50K ++

Felt good enough to start after a week of flu like symptoms and congestion. Ran with a good Christian brother for the first half hour or so. Ran great until mile 16 and my left hamstring cramped so bad I was stiff legged for five minutes and couldn't move. I eventually could limp, and it loosened up. Every 50 yards it would seize up. The last 16++ was run 50 ft., walk 50 ft., all the while seriously praying. Thanks be to God I finished in 7:36, and have a fabulous finisher shirt. My one woman crew was my wife Brenda who endured some long moments in some very chilly weather. Most positive memory is the compassion showed by the hundreds of runners who passed me, the majority of whom stopped to check on me and offer me some of their electrolyte pills, etc. More stories to come.

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