Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten to Twenty minutes can change your life

2 Peter 3:11 asks this question. "What kind of people ought you to be?"

The question reveals our solutions to our life challenges. We can do something about ourselves and our circumstances. If we would take away our excuses of why we are not the kind of person we ought to be, we could become the kind of person we ought to be. Think about your own life issues that frustrate you, trouble you, worry you, cause fear, create lust, cause depression, and stir up anger or any of the countless issues of what it means to be human.

December is the best time to make positive life changes because it is the season of Advent, the time of remembering the first coming and preparing for the second coming of Christ. We all lose the sense of urgency to make life changes over a long and prospered life. Narrowing the time frame in which we have to be ready for something, provides us the energy and will to do something about our life situations.

This is a minimum daily recommendation for life changes during December. Every day engage in at least 10 minutes of physical exercise in a setting where you can give yourself to the Lord. Walking, stretching, doing stairs, pushups, sit-ups, running, biking, or anything that you can commit to doing for ten minutes every day. The key is consistently incorporating some level of strengthening your relationship with God at the same time. On some days, increase the time as opportunity presents itself. Every day elevate God's Word over your feelings, attitudes, health, finances, relationships, job situation, and any and everything about your life. Elevate scriptures by reading a few verses, and then think on them during the day, and replace your thoughts and words with God's thoughts and words. You can find resources that have scriptures set to songs, or with the option of listening if you are really pressed for time. This ten to twenty minutes of every day, will help you become the kind of person you ought to be.


Lord, I die to a life of making excuses of why I am not the person I ought to be. As I remember your first coming, and prepare for your second coming, I receive your empowered grace to think your thoughts, say your words and do your will. In Jesus name, amen.

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