Thursday, December 22, 2011

Medi Port Removed

By now, the three kings would have figured out there were things they brought on the journey of following the star they really didn't want or need anymore. They would have to face the fact that what they thought they needed they really didn't need and therefore a choice had to be made. Do I keep carrying this thing I don't need? I recently read of a strategy employed by through hikers of the AT. They are carried fifty or more miles into the AT, and hike back to the front so they can figure out what they don't really want or need and get rid of it. They then are carried back to their put in spot, and carry on the hike without the stuff they didn't want or need.

Yesterday, after a few months of thinking and getting multiple inputs from my oncologist and nurses, I had my medi port removed. It had served me well and protected my arm veins from the toxicity of the chemotherapy. Its purpose had been completed, and now it had to be removed. It was a hassle and it hurts and I almost passed out during the process. If you choose to de-clutter your life it will be initially a hassle, it will hurt and you may almost pass out in the process. Eventually, you will be glad you let it or them go. I also have less than 10% on my laptops hard drive. Deleting old, duplicate, and uploading pictures to online storage is time consuming, and is also a hassle.

Question? What spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, or material stuff are you carrying that you don't want or need anymore?

Lord, help us continue our journey without regrets as we let go of stuff and get rid of stuff and relationships we don't want or need for our journey to Bethlehem. Help us lighten up as we enter the second half of our journey. In Jesus name, amen.

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