Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking backwards and forwards

Zephaniah 14 "That terrible day of the LORD is near.
Swiftly it comes—

We are to simultaneously look back and remember the first coming, the Incarnation, and look forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ. The second coming will be sudden and unexpected and is described as being similar to an unexpected nocturnal burglar. For those who are prepared for a night time burglary, a visit by a thief in the night will not be a "terrible day". A person can be fully prepared for the second coming, by fully embracing one's relationship with God, through Christ Jesus.

By now, on the journey from Persia to Bethlehem, the three kings would have needed to be re-supplied. Their food and water they prepared in Persia would have to be replenished.

Today is a good day to pause, and take note of your spiritual life and re-supply and replenish yourself with all a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ offers.

Lord, if we are not fully ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ, awaken us to our need so we can pause our life, repent of our condition, and renew our relationship with you. In Jesus name, amen.

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