Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lovin’ Life run and bike in a storm along the Potomac River

Tom Kraft and I did some loving life tonight and are trying to initiate a new ministry at VAOG called a Lovin' Life run/bike/walk/hike experience. Here is the Lovin' Life run and bike along the Potomac Heritage Trail highlights for this evening: 5 p.m. start, 95 degrees, thunder in distance, check weather ap and map and we hope it passes to the north, semi trespass through the Trump golf course, hills too steep to ride, roots, rocks, mud, river, creeks, bridges, more mud, more rocks, roots, sky turning darker, thunder closer, temperature cooler, stinging nettles, path through weeds, creeks, Potomac River, discussion at 3.5 miles to turn back as storm is approaching, high winds, dark sky, very dark sky, leaves blowing off, tree limbs falling, larger tree limbs falling, deer running scared, river rising, proclaiming the Lordship of Christ over storms and falling limbs, more proclaiming the rule and reign of Jesus over nature, lightning cracking overhead, downpour, phone water logged goes blank, glasses fogged, holding glasses in teeth, Tom Kraft running very fast, I can't keep up on my bike, worried wives calling, storm passes, debris everywhere, cooler temps, peace, adrenaline levels off, reconnection with family, shower, dinner, and the stinging nettles are still tingling two hours later. Jesus is Lord over storms, nettles and falling tree limbs.

Living by faith with accompanying adrenaline rushes as one is loving life with loved ones is one of the great experiences of being human in loving relationship with God, others and life itself.

Thank you, Jesus, that you are Lord over storms, nature, tree limbs, winds, rain and everyone and everything. Your rule and reign is very much appreciated and in relationship with you life really is an adventure.