Thursday, May 19, 2011

“And in that place many believed in Jesus”.

Vienna Assembly of God is strategically located as a transition between the residential and the industrial zones in Vienna, VA. Our parking lot serves as a blessing to the community because parking is so limited in the industrial zone. For many it is just a parking lot and it is treated as such, with all the manifestations of rudeness and litter that rude people leave behind them for someone else to clean up. For the congregation it is a place that we pray and have set aside as a "place many believed in Jesus" Jn. 10:42. Viva Vienna is coming in another week and thousands of people will come in and out of our parking lot, with the hope and belief that while they were in the parking lot, the Holy Spirit will draw them closer and closer to relationship with Jesus and cross the line of faith, and come to active ministry at VAOG. In addition, every Saturday we have an agreement with the Town of Vienna for our parking lot to serve the community to provide parking for the Vienna Farmer's Market. Last night in prayer and bible study those that were present prayed and agreed in prayer with generations of VAOG's members, that 100 Ayrhill Ave. N.E., Vienna, VA. will be a "place many believed in Jesus".

Lord, may everyone who walks through or parks in the parking lot be drawn closer and closer to a relationship with you, become active in following you and become active in ministry at Vienna Assembly of God.