Sunday, April 24, 2011


The bodily resurrection of Jesus is a "first fruit" of the bodily resurrection of every human being at God's appointed time in the future. This event, brought the future promise back into our sphere of existence, and we can, now by faith in God, through Jesus Christ receive salvation and all its 'attendant blessings'. The 'attendant' blessings include so much more than any human being can receive in their lifetime.

One of the 'attendant' blessings was the strength and healing from God to have run three 50 k's since a word from the Lord to follow Him back into ultra marathons on January 3 of this year.

A few of the memories from yesterday are:

My awesome wife arising at 3:15 a.m. to get me to the start and videoing, and compiling a short clip of the start. Also, being there at the finish, cheering me on, and driving the curvy mountain roads home at high speeds.

At a low energy moment listening to podcasts to lift me up. Gloria Copeland on healing (Proverbs 3 and Isaiah 40) and Joel Osteen ( Hebrews 12). Listening to my compilation of music, just one was "Pressing On" by Bob Dylan as I walked five miles straight up the mountain (Apple Orchard Trail up to Sunset Fields Overlook)

Seeing the most fabulous scenery. Huge creeks, waterfalls, vegetation of every sort, mountains, valley's, fog so thick you couldn't see 50 ft., rain, sun, clouds, wind, heat, cold, rocks, more rocks, steps, dozens of creek crossings, song birds mating, mud, grass, trees, and, and, and….

Witnessed and experienced the struggle and conquest of the human being at the 9500 ft. of elevation change over 31 plus miles. Experienced the friendship of like minded people, camaraderie of a unique sub-culture, friendly competition with one's self, and others, and crossing the finish line with nothing left in reserve.

Jesus lives, because God, the Father raised him from the dead. We have the promise of life, (eternal, abundant life), in a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

The act of giving a life to God and asking him to take it and do something with it, opens a person up to the life of adventure that only God could plan.

The truest celebration of Easter is to give one's self to God and ask Him to raise you up to live with Him in the heavenly places, all the while giving you the strength by his kingdom's rule and reign to follow Him into his mission.


  1. Happy Easter Craig and congrats on a great finish. Sorry it took me a while to recognize you.
    - Adam

  2. Adam,

    I still have to look twice in the mirror, I don't recognize myself,