Saturday, February 5, 2011

All who are in relationship with God are now, ‘the saved’, ‘the forgiven’, ‘and the blessed’ and…

We shouldn't wait until we have passed away, and we stand in heaven and suddenly confess, "Wow, I really was saved, forgiven, blessed…". By grace, through faith, we are, now 'the saved', 'the forgiven', the 'loved', the 'blessed', and the next one is one we often waiver at. We are also, now, 'the healed'. We are not the sick, trying desperately to be healed. All miracles of grace any person receives flows from the GREAT miracle. The virgin birth, the sinless life, the diverse miracles, the atoning death, the bodily resurrection, the ascension and the second coming of Our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Because of Jesus Christ and him crucified, all our sins, all our sicknesses, all our sorrows, all our mistakes have ALREADY been paid for.

Our faith can rest on this deep thing of God. Try it! Think of yourself as the 'blessed', the 'saved', the 'healed', the 'forgiven', the 'loved'. That is how our Lord thinks of us.

Re-aligning my thinking has significantly affected my entire being and the same can be true for anyone.

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