Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blessed to be a blessing

The purpose of receiving a blessing from God is for that same person to be a blessing. A person is blessed, so they can bless. Finding person's and projects to bless is one of the treasured roles of leading a congregation. Missionaries and missions projects are worthy recipients of God's blessings that have come to a person. One's future is made more secure when making a promise of faith to give a portion of a future financial blessing to those who share the love and grace of God throughout our complex and diverse world. Being wellthy (healthy), and wealthy has a higher purpose. At Vienna Assembly of God, the leadership team has designated 10 mission's projects, 26 missionaries, and a destination to run towards virtually to be recipients of one's wellness and wealth. If anyone struggles with consistency in ones wellness and wealth, consider making a future faith promise of that wellness and wealth.

Lord, help us live the life of faith. Help us be consistently blessed in our wellness and our wealth and by faith, we will consistently be a blessing.


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