Monday, November 8, 2010

Plant a tree

Over two thousand years have passed since Jesus told his followers that it was the beginning of the end (Lu. 21). The epistles speak of the last days being perilous because of a high percentage of the population having Narcisstic personalities (2 Timothy 3). The Epistles also speak of a figure that will be anti everything that Jesus Christ was and is ( 2 Thess. 2). 1 John 2 says there will be an antichrist, and all through human history there will be many antichrists.

This Sunday and for a few Sunday's we at Vienna Assembly of God, will look at the scriptures with fresh eyes, and not just take what prophecy teachers have told us for years, and who feel like the Church should live in a crisis mode in a continued state and sense of urgency. I have lived in a crisis mode with a sense of urgency and it creates Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after only a few years. We are to not be easily unsettled or alarmed. We are not to allow anyone to deceive us. We are not to allow pride to ruin us (2 Thess. 2). No one knows when the end of time will be. Human history may continue for thousands of years, and it would still be true that this is the beginning of the end. Every day could be one's last day, so, be encouraged to Love God, Love Others and Love the Life that God has given you every moment of every day. Please, avoid living under high stress, in crisis mode for any length of time. Been there, done that and it steals kills and destroys (St. John 10:10) the very abundant life that God intends for everyone. A business author (Kotter), tells leaders to create a sense of urgency to enact change. Once the change has been enacted and empowered by the Holy Spirit, move out of the state of urgency and follow through on what the wake up call, or crisis led you to do. I have read, that when the great reformer, Martin Luther was asked, "what would you do today, if you knew that Jesus was coming back tomorrow?" His response? Plant a tree.

Lord, help us follow up and follow through on what your conviction in the crisis created in us. We humbly ask to be empowered by your Holy Spirit to live joyfully and peacefully as those changes are implemented into our lives. We appreciate being made ready, and even more appreciative to be able enjoy our readied life.

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