Friday, July 16, 2010

The cure for hypocrisy and the key for being authentic is being a lover of God, lover of others and lover of the wonderful life God has given us.

Most of us have the love of God thing figured out, but the loving ones neighbor or others is where we fall.

Identifying who our neighbor is, and acting upon it, is the key for being free from hypocrisy and being filled with authenticity. Loving God, Loving ones neighbor and loving this wonderful God given life gives us freedom from hypocrisy.

I have concluded by various studies of scripture, that one’s neighbor is that person or person who either by invitation or by chance encounters enters your personal space.

How we react to, respond to, and treat those who come in and out of personal space will determine the level of our freedoms.

It is also how we will become an authentic Missional community.

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